Care Instructions:

Models do best when stored in a cool dry place.

If displayed in front of a hot window, you can expect your model to deteriorate over time with the exposure to the sun.
If your model has a cover, you will want to wipe off the finger prints from time to time. To clean the cover, use a plastic cleaner such as Brillianize with a microfiber cloth. This will clean and polish at the same time. DO NOT use glass cleaner or paper towels. The ammonia will cause cloudiness and the paper towels could scratch the surfaces.

If dust has settled on the model, you can use compressed air to remove dust. Just be mindful of using around trees or grass fixtures that may shed.

Travel pointers:
Always use 2 people to lift the model in and out of the travel case.

Use household Saran wrap to wrap the cover to the base for travel. Plastic wrapping will also protect the cover from scratches and finger prints while you are setting up for you display. DO NOT use packing shrink wrap. Chemicals in this type of wrap are not compatible with the acrylic cover and could leave permanent marks.

It is best not to use a knife when removing plastic wrap but if you do, be very careful not to scratch the acrylic cover.


HTS offer cleaning service, repair service, and local moving/set-up services for any/all models.

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