HTS Model Making started out in 2015, when HTS Advanced Solutions acquired Coleman & Associates, a well-established Houston-based 3D model making company.

Today Houston-based HTS Model Making, a prominent maker of 3D scale models, creates and delivers models nationwide. Its parent company HTS Advanced Solutions began in 2010 with a rental pool of 3D laser scanners. As the list of available scanners grew so too did the Company. HTS Mapping was added to the HTS Advanced Solutions group in 2017, offering aerial and vehicle-based LiDAR solutions and/or Photogrammetry.

Coleman’s professional modelers brought 25+ years of experience to HTS, ensuring the smooth transition and rapid growth of HTS’s Model Making division. Today HTS Model Making, a full-service 3D modeling company, includes design experts and engineers skilled in CAD programming and rapid prototyping techniques as well as being adept at laser-cutting, 3D printing, cabinetry, painting, graphics, sculpting, electrical lighting systems etc.

The quality and attention to detail in our models make them perfect for trade shows, lobby displays and museum exhibits. As a sales tool the visual impact of a 3D model cannot be surpassed. Investors and potential customers are more attentive and responsive when they can see (and understand) your idea/plan. Litigators use them to help win court cases and companies use them as giveaways to promote their business. The cost-effectiveness of a professional to-scale model is hard to beat.

Our multi-disciplined HTS model making team offers expertise in 3D development, software applications, fabrication and finishes, diverse materials and 3D printing. Be sure to check out the complete list of Model Making Services available, including 3D printing, laser cutting, model painting, model restoration & rapid prototyping.

HTS’s Model Making Team have the experience and the know-how to complete extremely challenging projects. Large or small, we create the most detailed and accurate models around. Take a look at some of our Recent Projects. Your comments are appreciated.

HTS is a proud member of the Association of Professional Model Makers



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