Some projects are confidential which means we can’t share them yet. Here’s a selection of the projects we can share.

Be sure to check back often. These projects are updated regularly.

Recent Projects

Ladish Valves

Ladish Valves

2 inch Ball Valve with clear housing and a combination of 3D printed and actual soft parts.

Scale: Full Size




Litigation Model

Low Detail Litigation Model

Model dimensions:
36″ x 32″

BrandSafway Quikdeck


BrandSafway Quikdeck Model







Model dimensions:
28.75in x 20.50in x 13.5in


Trelleborg Cryoline LNG Hose Section Model


Cutaway of a to-scale model: Trelleborg Cryoline LNG Hose Section



Trelleborg Cryoline LNG Hose Section Model

Model dimensions: 15.75in x 9.91in x 17.39in

Scale: 1/3rd


Kace Valves




Kace Valves

4” Ball Valve

8” ball valve scaled to ½ scale to make it the size of a 4” ball valve

St Martin’s Episcopal Church



St Martin’s Episcopal Church
Houston TX

Future Site Campus Plan

54” x 35” x 9.3”

Scale 1” = 20’ – 0”

Subsea 7 / i-Tech Services Fast ROV

Showcased at 2018 OTC



Company: Subsea 7 / i-Tech Services

Product Name:  Fast ROV

49.5″ x 20″ x 12″

Scale: 1:4

Litigation Models

Broken jaw, spinal injury, and broken hip for personal injury lawsuit


Full Scale 3D Printed Models

Skull / Jaw

Pelvic Bone / Hip

Vertibrae / Spinal Injury



NOV Sabre Shaker



Company: NOV

Product Name: Sabre Shaker

19” x 11”

Scale: 1/6

Charles Schwab Corporate Headquarters




Company: Charles Schwab

Topographical Model: Charles Schwab Corporate Headquarters

84” x 42” x 4”

Scale: 1” = 3’- 0”

Delmar RARplus


Company: Delmar

Product Name: RARplus

18” model

Approximate scale: 1/6

Thingyverse Drill Bit



Company: Thingyverse

Drill Bit

Size: 10.5” x 6”

Litigation Model for Sher Garner




Company: Sher Garner

Litigation Model: Salt Cavern

3D printed

24” x 16.7” x 54.2”










Thrustmaster Hydraulic Outboard Propulsion Units



Thrustmaster Hydraulic Outboard Propulsion Units (HOPU)

Giveaways: scale model (6″ x 7″ x 3″) HOPU for Thrustmaster of Texas. The main body was 3-D printed as one and allows for the propulsion unit shaft to swing up and down freely.


Eliza Moreno, proud owner of Touch of Artistry with the 3D model of the Logo for her business 'Touch of Class Makeup' Let us replicate your logo into a 3D model

Using FDM technology we have created 3D models of  clients’ Logos.

Great for handouts / giveaways at exhibitions, trade shows, expos etc.

RUJO Games





RUJO Games

3D printed miniatures

Painted and unpainted

Painted by Sean Price

1” x 2”

Cannon Crest

During the excavation of the sunken ship La Belle in Matagorda Bay TX. a bronze cannon was retrieved. A caste was made of the crest on the cannon, which HTS has scanned.


Read how the retrieval of this ship is significant to Texas History, and what was learned from the markings on the cannon.

The Texas Historical Commission & Bullock Museum shows photos of the cannon and interesting facts on the website,


Past Projects