HTS not only builds impressive, accurate 3D scale models, but we also have the knowledge and skills to create extremely accurate 3D CAD files.  After scanning your item with our state-of-the-art laser scanners HTS can convert the point cloud data to create an as-built 3D file or a geometrically correct 3D file, depending on your needs.



Endoscope Probe
The client was designing a handle for a probe similar to this one for which he needed an extremely accurate CAD file.

CAD file generated for the Handle of this Endoscope Probe

Client requested extremely accurate CAD file of the handle of this Endoscope Probe

CAD file of the handle for the endoscope HTS had been assigned to produce

CAD file: Handle

Boat Plug

Boat Plug

Boat Plug: CAD File of a Boat Plug

CAD File: Boat Plug

Carburetor Metering Block

Metering Block: owner wanted CAD file of this item

Carburetor Metering Block

CAD file generated for this carburetor

CAD File: Carburetor Metering Block